It started with be brave

EST. 2015

Hey there - 

I'm Cherie, a second generation floral designer with a heart for organic design, Jesus-filled relationships, and abundant marriages. I was born in sweet ol' Augusta, GA but I'm certain that my heart belongs in the Carolinas. I'm most alive next to my handsome man on a beach somewhere with an iced coffee in hand. You should know that I have an internal radar that points me to the nearest Anthropologie (I mean come on, it must be that Volcano candle), I have a cat that is certain she can't be apart from me, and I'm certain that nothing beats a summer evening with string lights and the people I love.

There's something remarkable about relationships and the celebration they bring – so why not celebrate with what the earth laughs in. Flowers have always been big part of my life, and nothing brings me more joy than knowing I can share that same love with others. So, what do you say we finally meet?

these things matter to me too, like a lot


More than likely, the first thing I'll ask you when we meet is "how did you meet?" Marriage is a big deal and I believe in celebrating that detail as much as the little details. Marriage is hurting together, laughing together, and thriving together. 


Always remember, "you got to the place you are today because of the people that walked you there". This is so true in both my business, my spiritual walk, and in my instagram (because you know I didn't learn how to edit pictures from Youtube).


Flowers + fitness = the perfect combination. During the week you can find me serving others through group fitness & wellness coordination, scheming up the next best meal, or finding the perfect route to run.