perfection is annihilation – it paralyzes us from working from the heart
— unknown author

When The Need for Perfection Paralyzes You 

I've had this website under construction for well over a month. In fact, you probably discovered that at some point...being met with a single image of my work and minimal ways to figure out who I am and what I do. Perfection has paralyzed me for the past 30 days; unwilling to let go of unrealistic ideas, false expectations, and negative self talk that never started a thought without the feeling of "I'm not them...". 

Yet, at some point, we have to stop pretending like we're someone else and start walking in the freedom of who we really are – who God intended for us to be. So today's the day that I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer. I wasn't going to endlessly scroll through countless websites deciding if that's what I want my business to be, because the truth is, I already know what I want Waiting on Wildflowers to be. I want this webpage to be a starting point. Just the first step in what I hope is a ever growing relationship with those that I meet and the first step in my business growing in a direction that reflects it's purpose. So if the colors or the images start changing, don't expect an under construction page to take the centerstage. 

 As Waiting on Wildflowers grows into the endless possibilities and it's incredible new logo dreamed up by Morgan Parsons of Morgan Parson Creative, I hope you'll take the time to grow and celebrate with me. Call this a rebrand or a new direction, let's just not get caught up in perfection. 

A Note on the Inspiration Behind the Change  

What I loved the most about working with Morgan was the simplicity of the process. I always thought I had to come to the table with first class ideas and a detailed business plan. Turns out, most designers just want to get to know you first (I mean hello, I should know that myself since that's what I love to do!) and find a direction towards your personal style and how that shows in your life.

One of the biggest things I emphasized with Morgan was a need for Waiting on Wildflowers to represent more than just events or business – but creativity and community. I have learned so much from my family and friends, and I want that to be a building block of my inspiration. 

Next, I wanted Waiting on Wildflowers to stand out from the modern, stuffy feel that so many designs are starting to morph into. The handcrafted graphic and perfect combination of type transformed my logo into a stamp of bravery – if I'm going to keep saying be brave, it might as well show too, right?

Social media is staying the same, but I plan on incorporating typography based elements that reflect important sayings, quotes, or passages of scripture. I'm a wordy kinda gal [obviously], and I want the words that mean the most to stand out. 

I am so grateful for each person who has supported, cheered, and prayed for me during this process. Including you, sweet reader.